JET is an organization of professional communicators with members in all mainstream media houses. We are an NGO working in the fields of environment and sustainable development. 

The association was registered in February 1991 with the aim of raising public awareness on environmental conservation and related challenges through media including radio and television programs, news and feature articles. 

The association promotes this goal of raising public awareness through Kasuku, a Kiswahili environmental newsletter it owns, produces, and publishes. Kasuku focuses on various environmental issues such as wildlife, forestry, water, mining, and climate change. It is published monthly and distributed to various stakeholders including village governments, CSO's, and district councils.


An environmentally friendly society with improved livelihood.


JET is committed to promote good governance on environmental management for sustainable development in Tanzania through capacity building, advocacy, and networking.


  • Advocating for good governance in environmental management; 
  • Enhancing the capacity of media stakeholders (journalists and editors) to monitor governance practices in environmental management; 
  • Networking with like-minded organisations and other stakeholders; 
  • Strengthening the organizational capacity to implement the association’s mandate.