Through the last ten years, FK's Youth program has exchanged nearly 2,500 youths between Norway and developing countries. Some exchanges have included a south-south-component and the positive results FK has witnessed from these exchanges have led to the development of a south-south youth program.


From 2014 onwards, FK welcomes applications from civil society organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America wishing to exchange youth with partners in other developing countries.


An international youth exchange enhances youth leadership and meaningful youth participation by providing volunteers and organizations with unique skills, knowledge and experiences. Learning across borders is an important tool for development and contributes to strengthening actors both on individual and organizational levels.


Framework of the exchange

  • Exchange of volunteers between two or more civil society organizations
  • Group program (at least 2 and 2 travelling together) Exchange period: 3 to 10 months (each project decides on a preferred exchange model) + two months follow-up work
  • The partners are responsible for preparatory course, managing the exchange, homecoming seminar, and follow-up work FK Norway supports training, travel and lodging, insurance, pocket money, and 2 months follow-up work. In addition FK Norway supports administrational costs and salary for one coordinator

Objectives of the exchange

  • Developing young leaders Increased capacity in partner organizations
  • In addition each partnership agrees on goals related to their thematic field (e.g. advocacy, health, education, entrepreneurship)

Requirements for partners

  • Sufficient capacity to manage an exchange Established relations/contact with a partner in another developing country to exchange with The exchange project must focus on enhancing youth leadership and strengthening young actors of change Structures for following up participants after the exchange The exchange has to be based on reciprocity between the partners